C U R R E N T   P R O D U C T I O N

For this new 2012 incarnation, Lucasfilm approached Mr. Gorman with a special request: to complete the entire six episodes for the stage.  Our dauntless writer has accepted the challenge and we are proud to announce the birth of Star Wars Saga in 60 Minutes!

For THREE WEEKS ONLY, Star Wars Saga in 60 Minutes will cross the universe and back again.  August 3rd-19th, the show will perform exclusively at the KL Peters Auditorium in Beverly Hills.

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"I was quite impressed that they were able to find a way to make 'Star Wars' faster and more intense.  I'm always happy that 'Star Wars' continues to be a source of creative inspiration, and I hope to see them perform again after Episode 3 comes out, when they can do all six 'Star Wars' in 60 minutes."

-George Lucas

"Before you can blurt out ‘let the force be with you,’ adapter/director Patrick T. Gorman unleashes his cast of 12 in a hilarious, high-energy spoof of George Lucas' classic trilogy. A smash hit at the 1999 Edinburgh Festival, now receiving its U.S. premiere, ‘Trilogy’ demonstrates that six hours and 13 minutes of film can be compressed into a 30-minute play when sharply edited, fueled with powerhouse pacing and joyously abandoned portrayals...Lucas celebrates the magic of childhood, and Gorman catches the essence of the source material...Gorman's staging is unfailingly imaginative..."